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    For this purpose, we acquire and use private information only if you determine to offer it to us so that we could ship to you our world-class products and services. Each shade represents one of many cogs, so let’s enter the southeastern red door . Walk down the passageway until you see some Ogres, in your mini-map you will note a purple dot. Run past them and take the pink cog on the floor. In Clock Tower, the blue, red, and white cogs won’t match on their respective spindles. I even tried putting them on different ones, nevertheless it’s not working for some reason.
    These tiles will indicate which direction the corresponding coloured cogs are. The dungeon rats will eat the poisoned food and start to die. You might be in a room with dungeon rats (level-12) and a food trough. As a end result, he will fortunately give the player as many as they need free of charge. Congratulations you could have completed the OSRS Clock Tower quest. The blue cog is locked within a cell with a dungeon rat.
    Please register and account to entry all of our options by clicking here. Guest, in order to post a trade, please create an account and publish a thread. Please register and account by clicking right here to start trading. Jdizzle247 has agreed to complete sixty nine quest factors / bgloves / piety without obtaining seventy six attack and 76 defense. Ofc, the standard no bots, no scamming, no rule breaking, no dropping of my helpful non tradables, etc.
    Enter the room and use your Bucket of water on the cog to cool it down and pick it up. Make your method again to the ladder the place you entered the dungeon and use the cog on the black clock spindle connected to the sq. pillar. Starting with the Black cog, enter the northeast door and observe the passage until to a door you reach a room containing Giant spiders and the Black Cog surrounded by fire. Go into the south room and climb down ladder to access the dungeon. Follow the passage northeast to subsequent room you will notice colored blocks on the floor representing the general direction of the cogs. Oldschool RuneScape 2007 Flip Chart requires an account to make use of.

    • Once you’ve positioned the entire cogs on their spindles, head back to Brother Kojo, and he will reward you.
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    • Also, this OSRS Clock Tower quest has no ability, quest, or stats necessities.
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    Use the Rat poison on it and the rats will eat from it and die. Then the door to the room with the White Cog will open. At the rat cage you will see two levers to open the 2 doors, pull the levers to get into the cage. Talk to Brother Kojo within the Clock Tower just southwest of Ardougne Zoo and he’ll clarify that the clock is damaged and the four cogs needs to repair it are discovered in the dungeon beneath the tower.
    osrs clock tower quest
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